Beyoncé Pledges $6 Million to Health Services Amid Coronavirus Pandemic.

J. Kim Murphy,

Beyoncé’s BeyGOOD has partnered with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s #startsmall to provide $6 million in funding to mental health and personal wellness services as the coronavirus pandemic continues to throttle the country.

The mental health initiative includes a key national partnership with UCLA. BeyGOOD has also partnered with the National Alliance in Mental Illness, which provides local support in Houston, New York, New Orleans and Detroit.

BeyGOOD is also supporting United Memorial Center, Bread of Life, Matthew 25 and other organizations to help provide basic necessities, including food, water, cleaning supplies, medicines and face masks, to help alleviate mental and physical burdens in struggling communities.

In an official statement, the initiative emphasized how communities of colors are facing disproportionate hardship during the pandemic, pointing to more underserved living spaces making it more difficult for inhabitants to practice social distancing, leading to higher rates of infection and fatalities in areas that were already challenged by a lack of funds for education, health and housing.

“Beyoncé’s BeyGOOD recognizes the immense mental and personal health burdens being placed on essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the organization’s official statement reads. “In our major cities, African-Americans comprise a disproportionate number of workers in these indispensable occupations, and they will need mental health support and personal wellness care, including testing and medical services, food supplies and food deliveries, both during and after the crisis.”

A list of the organizations that BeyGOOD has partnered with can be found on Beyoncé’s official website, along with links to donation pages for each one.

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