Community Standards

Talk mental is not a professional counselling or clinical service.

We offer information and our community is a a peer to peer support group only. We do not offer one to one support, but we aim to make it easy for our members to find the right professional help for them.

Always seek professional advice if you are worried or unsure of anything.

Community Standards
As a condition of membership, all members will:

  • Provide community support to each other and provide positive input into discussions around mental health and wellbeing.
  • Not provide expert or medical advice to other community members.
  • Understand that Talk Mental community forum is not a place to get ‘one to one’ help, counselling or crisis support. 
  • Respect each other’s confidentiality and keep conversation between community members within the community.
  • Report any post or comment that activity is offensive, abusive, spam, unrelated to mental health or that indicates a member is at risk.
  • Support their fellow community members by immediately bringing any concerns to the attention of Talk Mental support team.
  • Understand that there may be limits to confidentiality if there is concern for your or someone else’s wellbeing or safety. Talk Mental support staff may reach out to the community member and crisis services to keep a member safe.

Talk Mental is an information hub and online community, designed to provide a safe place for anyone to discuss mental wellbeing.  The Talk Mental community is for anyone anyone that is 17 years and over that wants to talk about mental health.

Mental health – just like people – is diverse and not often exactly the same. It can range from people experiencing situational ups and downs through to mild mood disorders eg symptoms of depression and anxiety and through to people experiencing very severe mental health issues and symptoms like hearing voices, having traumatic flashbacks and experiencing constant suicidal thoughts.

Please be considerate of other members’ personal situations.