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Headquartered in New Zealand, Talk Mental has a team of over 30 passionate people working together to deliver a world class platform for our online community, latest news and a directory of professional services.

The enjoyment and safety of our community is our utmost priority, so we have a team of trained moderators working 24/7, across 7 different countries to ensure an optimal experience for all members.

From our Founder & CEO, Kirsty Cardy

I started building Talk Mental With Me in early 2020, as I was recovering from a devastating bout of depression “alone”.

After 15 years of progress raising a spectacular family and building my career, I suddenly found myself struggling to get out of bed, and thinking that I deserved a medal if I managed to shower.

I had my amazing friends and family, and a Doctor (a great one at that!) for a fiancé. But I was still alone… I didn’t have anyone to talk to that actually knew what I was going through.

It wasn’t until I called 100 people to tell them that our wedding was postponed because of depression, that I found out 1 in 5 – 20% of my friends had gone through the same thing, also “alone”.

I asked them why they never said anything about it. The answer was simple and unanimous… “because we don’t talk about it.”

I have dedicating my life to help the 1 in 5 people in the world that like me, could use a little online connection and camaraderie to assist with their mental health, but also to the fortunate 80% that don’t have a mental illness but should be aware of how to maintain their #MentalFitness.

As I was recovering from depression I decided to build everything I wished I had when I was depressed but couldn’t find, now I am encouraging everyone to connect and finally start talking about mental health.

Saying “I don’t have a mental illness so I don’t need to worry about mental health” is like saying “I’m not sick so I don’t need to eat well or exercise.”

Talk Mental was founded in 2020 by Kirsty Cardy who had a goal of getting everyone to talking about their mental health, as freely as they talk about their physical health.
Founder & CEO