Mental health assessment.

Loffty asks you questions about 30 of the most common and treatable mental health conditions.

It is not intended to replace your practitioner and it is not a diagnostic tool. It simply asks all the questions that would take your practitioner a lot more time to ask and provides them with a basis to ask further questions and form a diagnosis when you next speak with them.

Loffty enables you to work much more effectively with your doctor to improve your mental health.

Avoid being misdiagnosed.

GP consultations may be workable when it comes to diagnosing physical ailments but, when it comes to mental health, 10-15 minutes is too short to enable a thorough investigation into your history and concerns. 

A comprehensive study of 46,515 primary care visits found that GPs failed to recognise mental health disorders that were present in 56% of patients.

Loffty reduces the chance of misdiagnosis by providing GP’s with a lot more information on which to base their diagnosis.

Give your GP the full picture.

Assessing you for over 30 common and treatable mental health conditions, Loffty is the world’s most comprehensive online mental health self-assessment tool.

It also collects information about head injuries, your family history, current and past medication and side effects and more.

Loffty collects more information than tests that practitioners currently use that assess for just one or two mental health conditions.

Save time, money and effort.

You can choose a GP or psychologist to receive your Loffty report. This will enable them to diagnose, treat and monitor your mental health much more effectively in the very short time they have with you, which will lead to you feeling better, faster.

Loffty also saves you time and money since you’ll need fewer practitioner consultations because all of your key information has already been collected and presented in an easily digestible report.

Break the ice with your GP.

Sharing concerns face to face with a GP can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable, especially if you are feeling rushed. Answering Loffty questions on your computer or smartphone anywhere, at any time is easy, and when you meet your practitioner the answers are already there in your report..  

People tell us that completing Loffty even feels therapeutic, because the smarts behind the assessment make you feel like Loffty understands you, personally.

Completing a Loffty mental health assessment is a great way to help your GP help you.