Talk Mental was founded in 2020 by Kirsty Cardy who had a goal of getting everyone to talking about their mental health as freely as they talk about their physical health.

Mental health is for everyone! Not just those with a mental illness.

On average, here’s what’s going to happen to the world’s population in over the next 12 months:

  • 20% of people will be diagnosed with a mental illness.
  • 80% of people will fluctuate through varying degrees of mental fitness.

Both groups will face mental struggles at some stage as they live life in the pandemic. It may be just a bad day or a moment of stress, or it may be a new feeling of anxiousness or a clinically diagnosed mental illness.

Regardless of which group you are in, you can do more to improve your mental fitness.

I don’t have a mental illness so I don’t need to worry about mental health.”

is like saying “I’m not sick so I don’t need to eat well or exercise.”


Talking about mental health is new to most of us, because there is stigma attached to mental illness that most people want to avoid.

But why?

We don’t have an issue telling our mates that we are a little overweight or have a cold. Why can’t we tell our mates that we’re feeling a little low at the moment or have Anxiety?

We all have a body and we all have a mind. They are both connected and both operate better when they are fit.

We know how to keep our bodies fit, let’s all learn how to keep our minds fit.

This tarts with talking to each other and asking for help when you need it. You might just need a bit of a laugh or a “well done” after a stressful day, or you might need to chat to others experiencing the same mental illness you are so that you know you are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s start talking about all things mental.

About Talk Mental

Our team of Moderators work 24/7 to ensure the safety of the community.

Talk Mental delivers world-first digital mental health support through an online community, news, resources and a directory of professional services.

Our headquarters is in Auckland, New Zealand and we have a team of over 30 passionate people contributing their time and expertise to deliver a platform for anyone and everyone to chat about their mental health freely.

Safety is our utmost priority, so we have a team of trained moderators working 24/7.


We initially launched in March 2020 and has already helped hundreds of people across the world. An overwhelming demand for services led Talk Mental With Me to develop new core functionality and a mobile application.

We are a well supported start-up backed by the world leading eMental Health experts and a Service Advisory Board.

From our Founder, Kirsty Cardy:

Kirsty Cardy, Founder of Talk Mental With Me.

I started building Talk Mental With Me in early 2020, as I was recovering from a devastating bout of depression “alone”.

After 15 years of progress raising a spectacular family and building my career, I suddenly found myself struggling to get out of bed, and thinking that I deserved a medal if I managed to shower.

I had my amazing friends and family, and a Doctor (a great one at that!) for a fiancé. But I was still alone… I didn’t have anyone to talk to that actually knew what I was going through.

It wasn’t until I called 100 people to tell them that our wedding was postponed because of depression, that I found out 1 in 5 – 20% of my friends had gone through the same thing, also “alone”.

I asked them why they never said anything about it. The answer was simple and unanimous… “because we don’t talk about it.”

“I asked my friends why they had never talked to me about mental health.

The answer was simple and unanimous…

“Because we don’t talk about it.”

Let’s start talking about mental health as freely as we talk about mental health.

I have dedicating my life to help the 1 in 5 people in the world that like me, could use a little online connection and camaraderie to assist with their mental health.

Mental illness is real and more common that you think.

“Do you have 5 friends?

Chances are one of them is suffering in silence and they wish they could talk to you about it, but they don’t feel like they can.

Let’s change that.

As I was recovering from depression I decided to build everything I wished I had when I was depressed but couldn’t find.

I have created a safe platform for us to find each other, remind us that we’re not alone and support each other.

Kirsty’s New Mission

I am on a crusade to pioneer new-age Mental Healthcare because I know it is not only necessary, it is so easily achievable if we help each other.

Our public health systems are overwhelmed with people that need medical treatment for a variety of reasons that will continue long after Coronavirus is merely a chapter in a history book.

Many of us 1 in 5 require medical treatment, or prescription medication initially, just like I did. Some of us will require ongoing medical treatment.

But many of us after diagnosis and prescribed treatment, just need to feel heard and be understood.

Let’s lessen the burden on our Public Health Systems by supporting and encouraging each other immediately. Let’s recommend kick-ass specialists in mental health, and let’s share our own stories of our struggles and successes with mental illness so that nobody feels alone.

Let’s help the 450 million people in the world find the help they need right now.

No one has to be in isolation, or suffer in silence.

If this is an emergency, please call your local emergency services or visit your nearest hospital emergency department (ED).

Need to talk to a trained counsellor now?

New Zealand: Free call or text 1737 any time, 24 hours a day.

You’ll get to talk to (or text with) a trained counsellor. Our service is completely free.

  • Are you feeling anxious or just need someone to talk to? Call or text 1737
  • Are you feeling down or a bit overwhelmed? Call or text 1737
  • Do you know someone who is feeling out-of-sorts or depressed? Let them know they can call or text 1737

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