Mental Fitness Exercise 1: Enjoy the good

Welcome to part 1 of our 5 part series that will help you boost and maintain your mental fitness. A Talk Mental Exclusive.

We spend much of our life striving, planning and seeking moments of happiness. We all want good things to happen to us, but sometimes they do and we don’t realise or appreciate them. And sometimes we do see them but we become terrified that these moments won’t last forever or that we don’t deserve them.

Knowing and understanding that a moment or a feeling is temporary, can help you soak it up and appreciate it and either be open for more good feelings or more aware of avoiding bad feelings. Allow yourself to feel joy, and allow yourself to accept and move on.

Here are 4 ways to enjoy the good:

1. Think of 1 just thing you are grateful for.

Take a moment to think of just one thing you are grateful for. No matter how small it is or how often it occurs. Think about just one thing that brings you joy and take a moment to appreciate it. Focusing on things that make you happy can help make you more aware of other things that could make you happy while your happy thoughts are front of mind.

2. Look for the goodness around you.

Look, smell, feel, taste and listen for the good around us. Take a moment to notice the space you are in. If you are not in a space you love, make time to create one for yourself. It could be a moment in the bath by yourself, sitting in the sun on your lunch break or lying on your couch looking at something in the room that you like.

Focus on each of your senses one by one and appreciate what you are
experiencing. If you are outside, notice the way the wind is blowing the very tops of the trees, the feeling of the grass under your feet and the sounds of nature. If you are inside feel the warmth of your furnishings or reflect back to how excited you were when first saw or placed something in the room you are in.

3. Appreciate good things that happen to you.

When something good happens to you, take notice if you start thinking, “Oh no! this isn’t going to last” or “I don’t deserve this” or “I have to take control”.

Bring yourself back to appreciating this good thing, and think about something good you have done for someone else. Everyone deserves goodness in their life, appreciate it and it you still feel like you don’t deserve it, do something good for someone else. Then you’ll feel even better about yourself and most certainly deserve your goodness in return.

4. Don’t let a “bad day” be the whole day.

If you are having a bad day, focus on and stay with your experience until you  make peace with it. Be present with it, accept that it has happened and there is nothing you can do about it. Allow yourself to be upset, this sucks! Allow yourself to feel those emotions then take a moment to realise that how the rest of the day pans out is entirely up to you – how you move forward from this point.

Ask yourself “why would I let this ruin the rest of my day if it has already ruined this much of my day?”  Make a conscious decision to draw a line in the sand, find something that makes you feel good as above, go get it/do it/see it/feel it, then go about your day feeling proud for being stronger than that crappy situation.

Mindfulness exercises and meditation can help you with this, you can read more in our article Why is meditation is the hottest therapy right now?

Ready to level up?

5. Create more goodness around you.

Add more of what helps you feel good in the spaces that you spend a lot of time in. Put a speaker in the bathroom if you like music, move your favourite plant in view of the couch or put a photo of your loved ones on your desk at work.

Surround yourself in goodness and enjoy it whenever you want, where ever you are.

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